Petite Maxi Dresses

Basic Guidance in Wearing Petite Maxi Dresses for Crossdresser and Transexual Women’s, A Type of Summer Feminine Dresses

As a part of feminine dresses, the petite maxi dresses have its own ‘rules’ and standard of wearing. These feminine dresses are ideal for any body type, but you need to really pay attention to some of its basic usage.

This dress is basically a maxi dress that is worn by petite women. Such style is popular after Nicole Ritchie and Eva Longoria have worn it. The maxi dress usually comes in summer dress style. But since it is quite big and maxi, petite women should have the right guidance to wear it nicely. So, here is some basic guidance that you can follow if you want to wear the petite maxi dresses with style.

Petite Maxi Dresses for Crossdresser


  • Pay attention to the length. You need to know the right length to make the dress look appropriate for you. The length should go between the ankle and the upper side of your feet. If you have it longer, the dress will ‘drown’ you and you end up lifting the skirts all day. If it is too short, on the contrary, you will end up looking boxy. Don’t wear overlong feminine dresses or you may end up looking like a mess.
  • Choose the right neckline. The ideal shape is the deep V-neck model. If you choose spaghetti strap or the strapless tube model, you may end up looking boxy – especially if you have broad and wide shoulders. If you are petite and have smaller shoulder line, tube or spaghetti straps will be okay.
  • Choose the right structure. Even if you are a plus size, you can still wear the petite maxi dresses with style. Don’t choose a dress with too much accent on the bottom. Choose the one that fits – not tight – your curves nicely. Have the one with empire waits so you will look taller and your legs look longer. If you can’t find such empire waits design, wear a belt to get better structure for these feminine dresses.