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Before And After Facial Feminization Surgery


5 Important Tips To Know Before And After Facial Feminization Surgery

Your face is the first thing people notice when they see you. It is a huge part of your overall image and that’s why a facial feminization surgery is important in the women world. But what does it take to get the best results out of a male to female surgery? These are some of the tips you need to keep in mind in order to enhance the effects of FFS.

1.Be Healthy, Live Healthy

Although facial surgery is largely a safe procedure, it is imperative to live healthy before and after session to minimize the risk of opportunistic complications. Habits such as smoking tend to shrink your blood capillaries, which can cause necrosis a problem where your skin tissue may start to die due to lack of oxygen. If you are a smoker, a qualified surgeon may advise you to quit and wait for at least 6 months before undergoing the procedure. So be healthy, live healthy, exercise, drink lots of water and keep your BMI on check.

2.Be Realistic FFS Is Not Magic

Facial feminization surgery does not work like magic and it is not realistically possible to achieve 100% asymmetry all the time. Even the best surgeon in the world will tell you that people heal in unpredictable ways and sometimes the results may not be super-perfect. That however is not to say that all surgeons are fallible. No. Your end results depend on things like:

*The way you heal

*The surgeon you choose

*Your age

*The condition of your face prior to the surgery

3.It’s All About Precision, Not Aggressiveness

Procedures like forehead re-contouring and enhancement of eyebrows require a greater degree of accuracy which is beyond the training of plastic surgery. For example, while shortening chin height can often be used in facial surgery, if it’s shortened too far then the end results might be a longer nose-to-lip distance which looks more masculine. That being the case, it is important for your chosen maxilla-facial surgeon to be diligently trained and experienced to ensure good results.

4.Choose Your Surgeon Wisely

There are very few FFS-qualified surgeons in the world and it is therefore best to insist on finding the best of them all. Don’t just use facial feminization surgery cost or location as your decision-making points. If you want the best results, always be prepared to go an extra step. This may involve travelling halfway around the world or paying a premium to get specialized treatment, which is well worth your time.

5.Put Your Best Face Forward

Remember, looking good and sassy is not just about having perfect features. It is about working with your natural features to create a look of enhanced femininity. It is also about appreciating yourself and being realistic with the results that you get from a reputable surgeon. Most importantly, it is about being 100% satisfied by your decisions. So keep learning and keep following your expert’s advice to achieve long-term results.

Final Words

Every woman loves to look pretty. As a woman, those emotions are just as important while striving to boost feminity. It is important to take the tips above to consideration in order to embrace your new self

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