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Best Combination of Mini Skirt


Best Combination of Mini Skirt; Get Ready to Drool Over, Ladies!

Wearing mini skirt has a different impact to everyone. It can make you look cute and pretty, or not. But always bear in mind that those perspective are subjective. As a lady, you probably want to look a little bit sexier in your dailies. You can always wear it to a beach, relaxing with friends or a partner. You can also wear it for walking around the park or mall. You can also wear it during your doze off day, at home. Anyway, these following information are some of the best combination with mini skirt. You might find some of your favorites here!

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Mini Skirt and Long Boots

Mini skirt will surely show your slender legs. It can help your legs to be looked sexier, too. If that is the goal, then you can even have a pair of long leather boots. The boots stop in just 3 or 4 centimeters above your knees. The effect of the boots will give your skirt a look, a center of view.

Mini Skirt and Mini Belt

Wearing mini skirt means having no trouble to put a little belt around your waist. But why not as long as it is for just an accent? The mini belt will make a line along your waist, helping the mini skirt to look even more adorable than before.

Mini Skirt and Stripy Accent

The finding Nemo has probably inspired you. But, oh, that probably is not the one and only reason. You might want to disguise your belly and waist by wearing mini skirt; if that is the reason, then make sure that you choose the right one. Vertical lines will give you an accent of slimmer waist, the longer one too.

Mini Skirt and Scarf

Scarf can be your best friend during your time with your mini skirt. Scarfs, beside the function that can keep you warm, can also be a good fashion accessories. If you decide to have a bold color for your mini skirt, and a softer color for your shirt or blouse, then make sure that the scarf is contrasting or camouflaging the look. That way, mixing and matching is at its best state!

Mini Skirt and Denim Accent

Denim accent is one of many favorites in the world of fashion. The natural color gives a little sense of rebellion and freedom. Mini skirt in denim, too, is a bomb. Simply, you donĂ­t have to mix and match some accessories because the denim itself is the accessories. The blue and a little scratch here and there, worn out accent will be amazing to be patterned in mini skirt.

Mini Skirt and Loose Knitted Sweater

As simply as it sounds, mini skirt and loose knitted sweater are going to drive the season crazy! It has been a favorite, too, that the knitted sweater can keep you warm. And for that matters, there is no one that can say no to you for having a walk around the park. For occasion like this, you simply need those two and sneakers. What a day to start in Sunday morning!

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