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Drag Queen Makeup Tips


Most of the men, who dress up like women, wear makeup as a transformational tool to polish and improve their looks. Drag Queen makeup is something much better than an ordinary make up as it requires skills to accomplish the task of best makeup for drag queen. Information about the best Drag Queen makeup products along with some of the best Drag Queen makeup tips are provided here under for your guidance.

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Best Drag Queen Makeup Products
Recreating the feminine features is one of the main Drag Queen Makeup tips when it is applied to a performing drag queen or men dressed as women. For this reason one has to focus on essential Drag queen makeup products needed for this purpose.

Eye shadow: To create all types of hot eyes eye shadow is the most important ingredient for Drag queen makeup.

Foundation: It is needed by men and women to perfectly even out their complexions and to hide the shadows of tiredness.

Lipstick: Men usually use lipsticks of popular brands to give a complete womanly look to their faces.

Blush: Drag queens usually use blush to create and contour their cheekbones enviably high whereas women use it give a realist glow to their face.

Mascara: To insert feminine look on man face mascara is coated several times whereas some men use false lashes as a shortcut for this purpose.

The Best Makeup Tips for Drag Queen
In order to be a perfect drag queen one has to apply makeup perfectly. Following are some of the best drag queen makeup tips which can help you in getting a complete feminine look.

To apply foundation evenly all over the face to cover the beard shadow you should use a flat brush or cosmetic sponge. Foundation in Matte finish is the best choice for this purpose. To match the shade loose powder should be dusted after applying foundation Eye makeup of drag queen can be created by applying lots of shadows in dark shades on the outer corners and in the crease of the eyelids with the help of a contour brush. A flat brush can be used to apply highlighter under the eyebrows. To finish the eye makeup mascara, fake lashes and liquid liner can be used as per the requirement of the drag queen. A lip-liner of the matching color of the lipstick can be used to line the lips after coating several coats of the best quality lipstick of your preferred color. The apples of the cheeks should be highlighted by applying light shade Blush on them followed by a slightly darker shade on rest of the cheeks to give the face of drag queen perfect enviable womanly look.

In order to get the best makeup for drag queen one must be perfect in applying it by practicing on it consistently. Most of the womanly dressed up men fool people as the perfect makeup on their eyes and other parts of the face along with clothing and wigs help in completing their transformation

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