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Estrogen Hormone Replacement Therapy


Hormone replacement therapy (also abbreviated as HRT) for trans women and transgender people replaces the the naturally occurring hormones in their bodies with hormones of the opposite sex. Estrogen hormone replacement therapy for gender variant individuals and transgender, which is also at times known as cross sex hormone therapy, is basically the type of HRT where sex hormones (that is, estrogen for the trans women and androgen’s for trans men) are administered for purpose of synchronizing the individual’s secondary sexual traits with their own gender identity.

Estrogen Hormone Theraphy

There are some intersex people who also receive estrogen hormone replacement therapy, either right from their childhood so as to confirm the sex/gender they got assigned at birth, or later in life. Some gendered men might also use estrogen hormone therapy to get a hair free body due less testosterone levels in their body. Its purpose is mainly to cause development of secondary sex traits of ones desired gender. It might not undo changes produced by 1st natural occurring puberty which may necessitate a sexual reassignment epilation and surgery by either electrolysis or/and laser hair removal. That’s because of it being much easier to induce secondary male sex characteristics by use of androgens than it actually is to get rid the trans women off the established characteristics.

Estrogen Replacement Therapy

Although some may argue that the hormonal therapy doesn’t truly feminize or masculinize, the question lies in ones definition. If by feminize or masculinize, one means to totally reproduce the female or male biological state, this can’t be done with the current surgical or medical therapy. However, the actual goal of estrogen replacement therapy, and indeed of all somatic treatments is basically to provide the patient with a much more satisfying and desired body that’s more congruent with ones true psychological sex/gender identity.

Breast Enlargement, How it Works

The effect of feminising the hormones basically varies between patients, however many patients experience changes within 2 to 3 months. These changes can include change in the skin tone, breast enlargement, expansion of nipples, body fat redistribution which leads to fuller cheeks, a much more pronounced waist, and fleshier buttocks and hips. Scalp and body hair may also change in texture, however the hormone treatment won’t inhibit ones beard growth or enhance male pattern baldness. Ones emotions might get heightened with a much greater tendency to incurring mood swings, but generally, the transgender will feel much more comfortable and satisfied with the brand new self that’s emerging. For this main reason, estrogen hormone replacement therapy can be a very useful diagnostic instrument, as people who aren’t transgender are unlikely to have the heightened ease within themselves and might become quite anxious. A transgender on estrogen hormone replacement therapy should receive frequent regular check ups from their personal doctor.

For the transgender women, standard estrogen hormone replacement therapy regimen may at times be inadequate. Some of the latest and most highly effective therapies usually include the more potent anti androgens and estrogens. This type of treatment combination will not only offer greater feminization, but it will also provide a much greater reduction of masculinizing effects present from past virilization.


    • I had extreme difficulty choosing but I’d prefer women’s cloths , hair styles and footwear over men’s. I’m a mtf an doing loads of reading and budget planning so I can receive, facial feminine surgery, voice therapy and Adam’s apple reduction, laser hair treatment full body, permanent hair extensions and at the least I’m being elastrater

  1. I have read the findings and seem to remember that finasteride is sometimes used with spironolactone to help restore some lost hair growth in a MTF hrt patient but it is not guaranteed. Things concerning the means and methods for treatment vary with effectiveness from one person or case to another.

  2. I haven’t started my hormone treatment yet but I just wanted to ask you if you know of any way I can regrow male pattern baldness and if hormone treatments will bring it back somewhat I would be grateful if you could answer me this question thanks

    • Deseo empezar mi THR, en cuestiones psicológicas no hay obstáculos algunos, solo alguna opinión médica o sugerencia para remplazarlo.

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