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Hormone Treatment for MtF


Gender identity disorder is recognized as a medical disorder, where a person feels trapped inside the body of a wrong gender. MtF people desire to get a permanent identity as the member of the gender they want to be identified as. This transition involves rigorous MtF hormone therapy, as well as surgery.

With advancement in technology, today, almost every clinic and hospital offer hormone treatment for MtF to help individuals get what they want. People looking to get MtF surgery can visit any well-established health care facilities that specialize in such procedures.

Hormone Treatment For MtF

MtF hormonal therapy allows development of gender characteristics that can reflect the individual’s preferred gender identity. Mtf Hormonal therapy replaces the existing naturally occurring hormones in their bodies with those of the other or preferred gender.

Female-to-male hormonal treatment

Female-to-male hormonal treatment is also known as testosterone treatment. It is provided to promote the male gender characteristics. These include male pattern of body hair, male voice and physical shape. This treatment also results in permanently stopping the woman’s monthly menstruation cycle.

Male-to-female hormonal treatment

Male-to-female hormonal treatment inhibits male characteristics, while promoting feminine characteristics. The individual starts developing female gesture, and most of the body hairs are eliminated to give a cleaner and feminine look. This is also known as mtf hair removal therapy

Both male and female hormone androgens and estrogens, respectively are present in males and females alike, but in different amounts. Thus, by giving the right amount of hormone is important in life-long management of hormonal therapy for mtf.

Psychological Evaluation

In order to obtain gender reassignment therapy, a full psychiatric or psychological evaluation is carried out by a certified professional. The doctor performs the evaluation prior to the beginning of hormonal therapy. These psychological sessions are important to ensure that the diagnosis of mtf qualities is not clouded by any kind of underlying psychiatric or neurological disorder in the brain.

A local mtf program will offer professional and supportive sessions to help people deal with their issues related to gender identity. Such programs also offer psychiatric evaluations for participants, as well as guidance about resources.

Therapy Based on Guidelines

Once the psychological evaluation is completed, a specialized doctor will perform outpatient hormone therapy, with administration guidelines.

Initial care requires a complete physical exam that can include blood test to check the overall health of an individual. The mtf hormone therapy is designed to meet individual goals. It is monitored by clinical responses and regular blood tests. Therapies can be adjusted as per the mtf hormones effects over a period of time. Hormones are given in the form of both oral and injected medications, as per the changing requirements.

The entire therapy is based on standard guidelines developed by a task force of content experts. These guidelines address treatment options for adolescents, hormone replacement therapy for adults, long-term care and gender reassignment surgery.

People who desire to get mtf hormone therapy are encouraged to consult a trained medical professional, who can prescribe the right medications, as well as monitor the results over time. The physician will carefully watch for complications as the patient starts taking an increased level of hormones.


  1. I’ve always felt like I wanted to be a woman. I started dress in feminine clothes when I was 5yo. I’ve dressed In women’s clothes and makeup almost all my life. I was marred a few times and had a family but I never did stop wanting to be feminine when every I was alone. I really wanted to transition in my late twenties, but I didn’t because I didn’t want to embarrass myself and my family. It’s really to bad since I’m now retired but I just love it when I have a dress and makeup on. Till this day I’ve always e the feeling of being a woman and wish I was a teen again to presume that dream, Time have changed since them.

    • Jenna your comment struck home for me sweetie. Because when I was growing up I sorta had a head start on the account of being born Androgynous boy. I didn’t know until I was nine years old and I had been placed into my last foster home. This couple were older than most people who help the people who want to be foster parents. Thanks for opening up a long ago memory. I started my hormone therapy when I was thirty five years old. Lived and breathed as a female for almost twenty years and my beautiful wife helped me with getting into the program. Unfortunately she and I were only together for almost five years and she passed in a car accident. I stuck with what she helped me become in my life. I think I’m going to stop here because it’s a little hard to see the screen because I’m raining water. Lol Steph

  2. I feel the same as Jenna and, I’m also retired but, I have an appointment to see an endocrinologist next month to, hopefuly, start hrt.

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