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Applying The Perfect Make Up – Make Up Courses Online

Make up is an art of sorts. The right make has the power to work magic on your looks. Learning the tips and tricks of make up application can go a long way in boosting your self-image and redefining your life in more ways than one. Tyra Banks, the famous American woman who is an actor, producer, actress and much more highlights the importance of make-up when she says, I love the self-confidence that make up gives me.

Applying Make Up

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From getting a creamy, even-toned complexion to achieving that stunning mouldering eyes look, right make up can transform you into the Diva you never thought you could be. Make up should be applied keeping the time and occasion in mind. For instance, party make up will differ from office make up and so on. It’s critical to follow an order while applying make up. Also, it’s wise to invest in correct makeup gear including brushes and make up products. Focus on quality rather than quantity. Here are the basics of make up application summarized for you:

  • The very first step would be to clean your face from dust or any previous make up traces.
  • Get your base right. Use a concealer to even out blemishes and under eye circles/ blackness, if any. Apply the foundation in accordance with your skin tone. And then, blend blend blend. Remember to extend your base to your neck too. Take your time to blend along the jaw line, hairline and the ear fronts. The secret to perfect make up lies in how well you can blend.
  • Use pressed or loose powder over the foundation.* Pamper your cheekbones with a cream or powder blush, not much, not less.
  • Highlighting your eyes comes next. The basic is Ć«mascaraĆ­. For a more dramatic effect put on an eye-shadow and line your eyes with eye-liner or kohl as per your choice. In your free time, experiment with various colors till you find the one that complements you best.* Use a lipstick to define your lips. A little nude gloss looks great too if you are going out during the day.
  • Enjoy your moment with the mirror!
    Make Up Courses Online
    Technology today is your key to be able to do make up courses from home. From short make up courses to longer ones, you can register for a make-up certification course online according to your interest and requirement. The courses offer you professional training and certification too. Today, a number of licensed institutions and studios offering such courses. All you need to do is enroll for a trusted name. If you plan to be a make up artist professionally, you can graduate from a basic course to more elaborate ones right from the comfort of your home. The respective institution will send you DVDs and other course material at your home address. Instructional videos will help you learn and practice as well.

There are various types of courses available including basic beginner ones, Celebrity make up, Bridal make up, make up expert and the like. Pick yours now.

Each one of us totally deserves to look our best. All we need is to give make up a chance!

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